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Wedding fireworks options and price list

Blitz - Boogie Display

The Boogie wedding fireworks display package offers exceptional value for money.

This display has been carefully choreographed and uses a wide variety of material which is fired from a single location some of the material used is shells, cakes, candles, strobes and barrage candles and as with all Blitz displays the bride & groom will push the button to start the display.

Our clients will receive the same great service and attention to detail coupled with a display that will deliver a breathtaking finale to your special day.

£750.00 plus VAT

We will travel to any location within the mainland UK. The price above is based on us traveling within the northwest. Any additional travel expenses will be agreed with you before your booking is completed - there will be no hidden extras.

Blitz - Jazz Display

The Jazz display consists of a wide variety of category four professional pyrotechnic materials which can be colour co-ordinated and choreographed to your very own requirements.

We welcome and encourage input from our clients so you can be safe in the knowledge you are receiving the very best service and attention to detail.

The display will last between four and six minutes and will end with a volley of aerial shells to leave your guests shell shocked!

£950.00 PLUS VAT

We will travel to any location within the mainland UK. The price above is based on us traveling within the northwest. Any additional travel expenses will be agreed with you before your booking is completed - there will be no hidden extras.

Blitz - Classical Display

The classical display is a great way to end your evening or occasion, with this display your guests will be in no doubt that you mean to entertain.

The show uses professional category four material throughout and amazes your guests with mines, cakes, fountains, candles and of course a huge volley of aerial shells which will include titanium salutes to finish the display.

This is our most popular display and being fired from 3 points gives beautiful coverage of the blank night sky canvas.

£1,150.00 plus Vat

We will travel to any location within the mainland UK. The price above is based on us traveling within the northwest. Any additional travel expenses will be agreed with you before your booking is completed - there will be no hidden extras.

Blitz - Symphony Display

The symphony display is inspiring as we endeavor to leave your guests spellbound. Watch as they marvel at the sheer spectacle of what is produced. This show uses category four materials and utilises aerial shells throughout with a variety of effects. The material for this show is sourced from Spain, Italy and China and ensures that the quality of this show is unsurpassed.

The Symphony Display is choreographed with all out entertainment in mind with a finale of epic proportions. Your guests will be talking about this for a long time afterwards. We welcome and encourage the client’s involvement in the choice of material and to decide on the intensity of how the show is fired

£1,450.00 plus VAT

Blitz - Recital Display

WOW is the first word that enters your mind with this display as the display starts from multiple positions with wonderful effects created like lattice work, Z firing cakes, waterfalls, 5 metre fountains and aerial shells are fired throughout the duration of the display.

This show is fired electronically from a lap top computer to achieve perfect synchronization of the firing times and the material in this display is sourced from across Europe and China, consultation with the client is encouraged to discuss colour content and duration.

All of this and a finale of epic proportions make this a must have ending for your day, we have on request filmed many of our displays for our clients and the look on people’s faces when you look back at the recording is huge reward for the hard work put in to planning this special occasion.


Fireworks in our requiem display
Blitz - Requiem Display

Unprecedented is the word most fitting the description of this display as we discuss the content directly with the happy couple to determine whether they want more aerial impact, greater intensity or a display that gradually builds and ends with a New Year’s Eve style finale! Once again this display is fired from a lap top computer for that pin point timing and impact.

The finale to this display is barrel rolled and just seems to keep coming with 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch shells filling the night time sky to say that this display is a crowd pleaser is an understatement, please enquire to find out more.

£1,999.00 plus VAT

Blitz - Symposium Display

This is a display of breathtaking proportion and it is rightly considered so because it barely gives you time to catch your breath from one volley of aerial shells before another volley is filling the night sky; this is not a display for those who wish for serenity, pretty and beauty! This performance can be likened to that of an orchestra giving a rendition of the last night of the proms.

This display is also fired from a lap top using the fire by wire firing system that was used at the Beijing Olympics.

There is no slow build or light introduction it is quite simply flat out ENTERTAINMENT and will have your guests spellbound, comparisons to Disney are not unwarranted with this display.

£2,499.00 plus VAT

  Fireworks in our symposium display
Blitz - O Sole Mio Display

The O sole Mio fireworks display showcases our expertise in pyrotechnical musicals. We can custom build our firework displays to any song of your choice.

This display has been carefully choreographed to O sole Mio by Luciano Pavarotti and uses a wide variety of material including shells, cakes, candles, strobes and barrage candles and as with all Blitz displays the bride & groom will push the button to start the display.

Our clients will receive the same great service and attention to detail coupled with a display that will deliver a breath taking musical finale to your wedding day.

As each custom pyro musical display will vary in time and quantity of fireworks please contact us to discuss a price.

Say it with a bang

Here at Blitz Event Solutions we can also provide messages written with lancework which is brightly lit fireworks that can read I LOVE YOU or MARRY ME ? we can produce love hearts from 2ft tall to 6ft tall or we can create a love heart with initials each side of it.

Blitz are excited to announce our wedding pyromusicals - Blitz will choreograph fireworks to a music track of your choice examples could be "you to me are everything" or "love is in the air" etc the choice is yours. Blitz will take care of everything including the outdoor sound all you have to do is select your track which is limited to a maximum of approximately 4 minutes the cost for this exciting new display begins at £1,499.00 +VAT. Prices for displays with a longer duration, more intense or multiple tracks are available on request.

If you're on a tighter budget and are thinking of firing your own fireworks then please visit our online fireworks shop for all of the latest fireworks and display packages delivered directly to your door.

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