Mobile Lighting Towers

Lighting up your event…

Blitz Event Solutions stock 9 meter high “VT1 super light” mobile lighting towers. The VT1 units are renowned in the hire industry as the safest and easiest lighting tower to erect, operate and maintain.

Each lighting tower has its own built in power generator and is ideal for outdoor events held at night. A single lighting tower uses 4000 watts of electricity and covers an area of 4200 Mq (20 Lux average). The lighting units are available to hire for many different events and applications. All of our towers are regularly serviced and maintained and are available for hire throughout the North West and most of mainland UK.

If you also require added power these can be used to power additional equipment as each tower unit doubles up as a generator.  If all lights are being used there is a surplus of approximately 4KVA and we have installed  16 and 32amp sockets via an RCD trip for your use at no extra cost making this a very versatile piece of equipment to have at your event.

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