School Firework Displays


A Great Fund Raising Opportunity for your School

Blitz Fireworks would like to introduce their special fundraising package designed to give your school, a great evening of fun and fireworks whilst generating much needed substantial profits.

Fund raising at schools can be difficult, detailed, with lots of time given over for quite often, little profit. We at Blitz Fireworks could provide a solution to this, often generating £1000’s for schools by providing a one stop solution, supplying everything you need to host a firework display. We provide a fully bespoke service unique to each school, we provide all the necessary H&S documentation for your display along with our class leading 10-million-pound public liability insurance so you know everything is covered.

We work closely with each School to ensure ALL safety aspects for each site are meticulously dealt with; all crowd safety barriers are in place to ensure everyone has a great night thus creating much needed funds for the school.

Blitz take care of everything leaving you the school or PTA to concentrate on making money for the luxuries we have all come to expect as parents but that sadly are not provided by the education system as it was when we were growing up.

A short promotional film was created with the Head teacher of Shavington Primary School detailing their success. Their first year generated around £3,500 profit for the school, with that total increasing each year since. Steven Mitchell was keen to demonstrate to other Heads of schools, how profitable this event can be, so volunteered to be part of the video himself. Steve left to become the Head teacher of Hugo Meynell Primary School in Shropshire and he booked us once again for his new school, the link for the short film is at the foot of this introductory letter.

We carry out a demonstration approximately 20 minutes prior to the main display, where we fire one of each of the most popular products and give a live commentary about what each product is and why we use them.   This is hugely educational for the children & parents alike and means the actual display is more enjoyable, we encourage the school to run a competition or choose the star of the week to push the button along with our senior pyrotechnician for the firework demonstration.

On a first come, first served basis, we have a company mascot costume called ‘Boomer the Firework Fox’, Boomer is chaperoned around the venue handing out leaflets about firework safety and the firework code as well as leaflets promoting up-coming school events.   This also makes a great photo opportunity for families and children and quite often means that boomer has a following, there is no charge for the Boomer costume as we are seeking to educate children about fireworks in a fun and friendly way.

We would value the opportunity to come along at a time that is convenient with yourselves, whether that is in working hours or at a weekend or evening, to fully discuss the merits in holding a fantastic community event like this and the benefits that can be gained from it.

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